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not just another lottery web site!
lottery america is dedicated to bringing users timely and accurate lottery information. however, our primary concern is helping you win the lottery.

providing lottery results, jackpot results and game information is only the beginning. through our suggested reading articles and our exclusive 'calculated results' tables we can help you increase your odds of winning any game by 85% or better!

the 'going for the gold' membership section of our web site provides the ultimate in lottery playing convenience and player help. designed for both the casual as well as the serious player. it is no easy task to provide updated lottery infomation for every game in the country on a daily basis. we've been doing it for years. here's your chance to show your appreciation for this web site and increase your odds of winning at the same time. join today! to find out more about 'going for the gold' memberships click here!

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current and past drawing results!
getting current as well as past drawing results has never been quicker or easier! on the home page (http://www.lotteryamerica.com) click on the state of your choice. you will get drawing results for all games played by the state on one page. once there click on any game to get more specific game information such as past drawing results (lightning fast!), 'how do i win', and other game information. the home page also provides a list of states participating in multi-state games, such as powerball, the big game, tri-state games etc.

suggested reading

lottery insight! learn to play the odds!
does it matter what number combination you play?
it does matter! the fact is there are different types of number combinations and not all types are created equal. certain types are drawn an average of once every 6 drawings. others are drawn an average of once every 1200 drawings. how many opportunites of winning do you want? one each week or one every 5 years?

the following suggested reading articles provide an insight into the lottery never seen before. you find out about the different types of combinations. you find out how to play the odds. you increase your chances of winning!

you will learn about 'calculated results' tables. you get a bird's eye view into the ball machine as the drawing is taking place. you get a thorough understanding of the odds and how they are played out during the course of a drawing. you will know which type of number combination is the best type to be playing at any particular time.
suggested reading an overview
the lottery is a form of gambling with much in the way of enticement. you could become very rich!...
lotteries: by design lotteries in general
  by design, the state cannot lose money on the lottery. they didn't play! the players have no chance to recoup their money because half of it is already gone!
"the law of large numbers" the odds will prevail
  a description of the little known law of large numbers and what it means to you. widely used in math and science, it is the basis for calculated results charts for lotteries.
knowing the odds what makes the odds?
  in very simple terms, everything you need to know about odds is here. if, when comparing 1 and 10, you know that 10 is greater, you qualify to read this next article!
odd and even numbers how many of each to use
  if you've ever thought about how many odd and even numbers to use in your number combinations, then your instincts were telling you something.
anatomy of a drawing part one playing out the odds
  a look inside the ball machine as the odds are being played out, gives us some insight as to what we can expect in successive drawings.
anatomy of a drawing part two back to the ball machine
  a fresh look from a different perspective. actual drawing results let the facts speak for themselves.
calculated results color us red, white and blue
  setting a standard for lottery games by defining types of number combinations. now we can actually look and track each different type. the excitement grows!
sample florida fantasy 5 game
balance, consistency, opportunity the winning ingredients
  take a deep breath. take a look at what we have learned. now, let's start applying it!
overdue, ahead and behind timing your bets
  to this point you can apply the rules given without the use of computers. from here on we use the computer to help us find opportunities by showing us those types of number combinations which are overdue and/or ahead and behind calculations.
calculated results charts the value of odds charts
  getting the most from calculated results charts. learning to recognize opportunity. playing smart!
narrowing your odds the right way
  you narrow your odds with every number combination you play. now, you can narrow your odds the right way, the smart way.

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